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Mighty 4-Ship Display

Mighty 4-Ship Display

Mighty 4-Ship Display

The Mighty 4-ship offers the ultimate in barnstorming drama, noise and wingwalking action. It’s a rare chance to see the whole team and the full fleet of the Breitling Wingwalkers in action together at one event.

Mighty 4-ship will certainly fill the sky at your event. Just the sound of the four powerful radial aero engines alone will captivate your audience. The propeller tips reach supersonic speeds during the show which, when multiplied by 4, will really be heard above all other event noise. Spectators attention will be fully focused on the skies above as the team pilots and wingwalkers perform their routine. They will be treated to an aerial bonanza of action packed formation passes and aerobatic manoeuvres. During the Mirror formation, the daring wingwalkers will try to hold hands with one another as one aircraft flies upside down above the other. The audience always interact well with this manoeuvre, especially when it poses the will they, won’t they hold hands question.

Enjoy watching the synchronicity of the team wingwalkers as all 4 perfectly mimic and match each other. They too will have a formation leader and followers just as the pilots do. It’s difficult enough for them just to move when the airspeed reaches 150 mph and the G-force hits 4 during the aerobatic manoeuvres.

The 4 aircraft will perform some breathtakingly close opposition passes and crossover manoeuvres, which will thrill the onlookers. Although not actually that close to each other, the aircraft will create some fantastic photographic opportunities and interesting smoke patterns in the sky above. With the 4 aircraft involved, there is always something happening in front of the crowd as there are lots of moving parts here. The Mighty 4-ship is truly the rock concert of the Breitling Wingwalkers flying displays, with more smoke, more noise and more action than any of the others.

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Display Summary:

a 17 minute performance with 4 aircraft

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